Hello again, I was born and raised in Mexico City. As a senior in High School, I ran large-scale parties. Quickly learning to plan, acquire sponsorships, and manage staff and sales force. Hosted 14 events with total revenue over 150,000 USD. After graduating, I created an NGO online network to inform young Mexican citizens about the candidates and their policies of the electoral campaign. Filmed, edited and ran over 60 interviews with Politicians, College Professors, and Industry professionals. Achieved more than 200K views and 2,500 Twitter followers.

In 2012, I moved to the United States to study Filmmaking at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. I majored in Producing which gave me the opportunity to produce four shorts each with 50 or more crew members. These projects presented their own unique challenges and continued to develop my individual skill-set in leading, organizing and motivating crew members that were kindly volunteering their time to deliver the best possible content to their audience. Now, I work as a producer's assistant in Los Angeles, dedicated to increase my boss' productivity and making his busy work non existent. Constantly tackling all sorts of challenges with passion and determination.